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House Colours

Fit for Girls – Studies show that 65% of 14year-old girls do not reach the recommended levels of physical activity and 43% of women do little or no exercise. The Fit for Girls programme seeks to improve on this situation and over the past three years the PE department and the Active Schools Coordinator have been involved in this programme. Our S2 female pupils were investigated in session 2008/9 and found to be significantly better than the average. The follow-up survey in 2010/11 on the same pupils (in 4th year by this time) showed a significant increase in activity levels and even better attitudes towards sports and activity. This is a very gratifying result, especially for Mrs. Hildrey and Mrs. Johnston who have done so much to encourage the girls in their efforts.

As a result of the schools involvement in the programme our Active Schools Coordinator, Dr Shearer, has been able to access funds to provide every girl in the school with polo shirts in their house colours: Kerry-blue; Maree-red and Tollaidh-yellow. Mrs. Gulliver, has designed attractive logos for each house and these are embroidered on the shirts.  Click here to see more photos of the girls and the House logos.


Sports Day June 2011


After a closely fought contest Maree won the day followed by Tollaidh and Kerry.  Click on the photo to see over 100 more photos of the event.

Fourth Annual Whole School Christmas Quiz

Those who want to can make a start on preparing by accessing the following games.  Some questions in the quiz will be based on these.

Geography –   European countries –   African countries

Biology –      The human skeleton –    The human muscles

Football and games –  Top players –  UEFA teams

People and history –     Famous people –    Dictators

Maths –      2D shapes

Languages –     French: Clothes

Music –    Best selling music artists –   Best selling albums

S2 Inter-House Orienteering

Well done to all S2 pupils who took part in the Orienteering competition on Friday 13th November. The S4 Skills for Work class organized the event in Flowerdale. The S2’s were given a safety briefing before setting off in pairs or in trios at minute intervals.

The teams had to find 12 controls within the Flowerdale area, each one attached to a marker that was identified on their maps. 6 S4 pupils acted as marshalls standing at the out of bound points so that the teams didn’t go off the map. Overall, it went very well and there weren’t any problems or accidents. Congratulations to Luke Gorman and Caitlin Johnston of Tiollaidh who won the event with Chris Young and Kalvin Fraser (Maree) in 2nd place. Laura Ridehalgh, Eilidh MacLennan and Gemma McLean (Kerry) came third.

The S2 thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we’d be happy to organise another event in the future. Special thanks to Gairloch Estate for letting us run it on their land – Maddy and Patrick (S4)

Click on the photo above to see more pictures of the event.

Tollaidh WIN Sports

Click here or on the photo to see all the action from last weeks Sports Event.

Sports Champions
Champions get trophies and medals at Prizegiving.

Junior Girl:   Ainslie Mackenzie
Runners Up (all same points):    Gemma McLean, Isla Mackenzie and Caitlin Johnston

Junior Boy: Christopher Young
Runner Up: Kalvin Fraser

Intermediate Girl: Margaret Matheson
Runner Up: Flora Stevens

Intermediate Boy:  Dale Cunningham
Runner Up: Theo Threadgold

Senior Girl: Judith Matheson
Runner Up:  Lyndsey Croal

Senior Boy: Liam Smith
Runner Up:  Derek Martin